"3rd Annual Leader's Legends and Lovelies Ball 2012!"

Click on the link and buy your tickets today! "3rd Annual Leader's Legends and Lovelies Ball 2012!" Fabulous Florida Fashions feauturing Flirty Femme
Flirty Femmepic

Flirty Femme

Join Flirty Femme♥ and other great designers for a night of fabulous fun at the "3rd Annual Leader's Legends and Lovelies Ball 2012" at the…
Andi Lynn for Flirty Femmepic
Designer Stephany junco for Flirty Femme featured in Latin Connection Magazine!pic

Designer Stephany junco for Flirty Femme featured in Latin Connection Magazine!

Be sure to check out Flirty Femme's designer: Stephany Junco featured in this month's "Latinos En Accion" section of Latin Connection Magazine♥ Photos provided by…

Andi Lyn photoshoot-"Candie-Me-Up" Hair pieces

A collaboration with awesome photographer Ivana Christine from Las Vegas♥ and beautiful model Andi Lyn! Check out these hair pieces part of Flirty Femme's "Candie-Me-Up"…
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Flirty Femme would love to take the time to thank each every follower, admirer and fan for their support! I am delighted to say you…

Inspiration photos for Flirty Femme

Check out some of my favs!!!!!! These colors, ideas and fashion inspire my designs! xoxo!
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Follow Flirty Femme on Buzznet today!pic

Follow Flirty Femme on Buzznet today!

Become a fan today and stay tuned for new collections, events, photoshoots and more! Follow the links! http://www.stephanyjunco.buzznet.com http://www.myspace.com/flirtyfemme http://www.twitter.com/flirtyfemme http://www.flirtyfemme.tumblr.com
High Tech Paul Mitchell School together with Flirty Femme-Hair Show! xoxopic

High Tech Paul Mitchell School together with Flirty Femme-Hair Show! xoxo

Thank you High Tech Paul Mitchell schools for partenering up with Flirty Femme to be part of their hair show May 15-16th! I am delighted…
Candie-me-up Head piece worn by KidCadetpic

Cutest nails ever! xoxo

Reblogged from Armen Atoyan Easter is this Sunday and I know you want to stand out. Right? Well go get your nail polish and get ready…

"Candie-me-up" collection-"KidCadet" photoshoot/Dangerously Dolly

Flirty Femme's collection "Candie-me-up"! This collection full of sweet lollies, creamy cupcakes, and sprinkled candies is sure to sweeten you up! Be sure to check…
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Hip Hop Artists Featured at Boca Muse! -Boca Raton, FL

So....besides being all about fashion lol :) It is important to follow and support up and coming artists and in this case the genre of Hip…
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Flirty Femme♥-Glamour Daze Fashion Show at BAR 721 featured in NBC Channel 6! Check it out! xoxo

GLAMOUR DAZE FASHION SHOW IN MIAMI LIVE NBC [HQ] xoxo Click on this link to view the segment: http://www.facebook.com/video/video.php?v=157866217607660&oid=136406979734997&commentsMAG'S SHORT SEGMENT IN THE NBC EVENING NEWS…

Flirty Femme's designer Stephany Junco appearing in April's issue of PIN UP PERFECTION MAGAZINE! Make sure to grab a copy at www.pinupperfectionmagazine.com xoxo

Pin Up Perfection Magazine features Flirty Femme's designer Stephany Junco! www.pinupperfectionmagazine.comThe Swimsuit Issue is here! It may be cold outside but these bathing beauties will warm…
Lilah Flirty Femme's official doll! xoxopic

"Lilah♥" Flirty Femme's official doll! xoxo

Flirty Femme's official doll "Lilah♥" is here! Check out this amazing artwork done by the talented artist Callow Lily (purchase and admire her work at…
KidCadet and Flirty Femme's designer Stephany Juncopic

Flirty Femme's "Dolled Up" collection debut at the Glamour Daze Fashion Show/Bar 721!

Bar 721 in Miami was packed with the appareance of many designers and artists Frankie Love who blew the night away with their amazing talents…
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Glamour Daze at BAR 721!

Just one more week to go for the preview of Flirty Femme's "Dolled up" collection!!!! Designer Stephany Junco is stoked for this event and so are…


Stay tuned to view photos and videos for Flirty Femme's debut in the Spring Fashion Event "Glamour Daze" on April 2nd at BAR 721! Here…
KidCadet models for Flirty Femmepic

KidCadet models for Flirty Femme

Today's shoot was a total success, with the fun and flirty Kidcadet! Candyland meets 50's pin up! Check out these awesome photos soon! Photography taken…

KidCadet for Flirty Femme

Fun, flirty and colorful model KidCadet will be launching Flirty Femme's jewelry collection "Candie-Me-Up" as well as the image for their up and coming fashion…

Lollipop-The Chordettes!

Flirty Femme<3 and inspiration of the 50's pin-up era with a fusion of yummy goodies!!!!! Enjoy this goodie but oldie by The Chordettes<3 Mua! xoxo
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